Noah’s Oil

Noah’s ReLeaf CBD oil is the product of meticulous hemp cultivation, studious research, and a passion for bringing hope and relief to sufferers of intractable epilepsy. 

We have been serving Missouri epilepsy patients since 2016 with very positive results.


The Noah Strain

We carefully curate the cultivation of several strains to maximize our CBD levels and maintain less than 0.3% THC.

Our oil rich in beneficial terpenes, containing significant amounts of Beta-Caryophyllene (shown to have a therapeutic affect on inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders), Limonene (sought after for its ability to combat cancer cells in lab testing and kill pathogenic bacteria), and Myrcene (known for its affect as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound), among others. 

Unlike other high CBD oil strains currently in development for epilepsy sufferers, our oil is not classified as marijuana. Because of its low THC content it is classified as an industrial hemp strain and is therefore federally legal under the USDA Farm Bill, Section 7606.

Our oil is approved for cultivation in Missouri under the state’s Industrial Hemp Permit, with a focus toward combatting drug-resistant seizure disorders.


Why Noah

Meet Noah. For years, Noah suffered from constant seizures due to a severe form of epilepsy—seizures that occurred hundreds of times and often resulted in broken bones. Noah’s epilepsy was so severe that it did not respond to the treatments prescribed by his doctors, many of which came with their own damaging side-effects. Most days, Noah stayed in bed to prevent physical harm from another seizure.

After years of feeling helpless and out of options, Noah’s family was introduced to the therapeutic power of hemp. Noah’s days are now filled with school, play dates, and family outings. His seizures have been reduced by 80%, allowing him to develop his coordination, cognition, communication and socialization skills more than ever before. 

CBD oil has given him something that was previously unimaginable to Noah and his family— the gift of a normal childhood.